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Pixelord : A (R)evolutionary Digital Artist

A creative youth.

Pixelord, also known as Alexey Devyanin, started producing music at the age of 14. He used an old computer and a free music production software. Developing his artistic and musical skills at a young age, he began to create and produce sounds or visuals. He was strongly influenced by the Moscow underground music scene in the 2000s and by electronic music genres such as IDM, techno, and breakbeat. Pixelord is a complete and multi-disciplinary digital artist that we will discover together.

Pixelord is a musical artist.

Pixelord is an electronic music artist based in Moscow who started his music career as a DJ and hip-hop producer. He quickly expanded his genre palette to include bass music and footwork. Versatile and talented, Pixelord is recognized for his mastery of these two musical genres. He impresses with his fiery live performances, both energetic and passionate. Alexey has played at renowned electronic music festivals, including the CTM Festival in Berlin. The artist has traveled the world, broadcasting his music in the United States, China, Belgium, and Spain. Over time, his music has been influenced by a wide range of genres, ranging from electronic music to world music and funk.

Pixelord has released several albums and EPs over the course of his career, including “Human.exe” in 2016 and “Hypnorave” in 2018. He has also released numerous singles and remixes, and collaborated with many other electronic music artists. His excellent latest album “99%”, released in 2021, is an explosive mix of all the artist’s musical and graphic styles.

In addition to his music career, Pixelord is also involved in organizing electronic music events in Moscow and other cities in Russia. He is also a founding member of the music label Hyperboloid Records with two friends since 2004. This label strives to promote innovative and original electronic music artists from Russia and abroad. Outside of music, Pixelord is an active advocate for the LGBTQ+ community and uses his platform to promote acceptance and inclusion.

In summary, Pixelord is a talented and dedicated electronic music artist. On the one hand, he has succeeded in his music career, and on the other hand, he is also involved in important social causes.

Pixelord : A Master of 2D and 3D Digital Art.

“Futuristic nft artist”

In addition to his musical career, Pixelord is also a talented visual artist who has created numerous visuals for his own music projects and for other artists. Naturally, he became interested in digital art as a way to continuously discover and experience new things. From music to artistic creation, the line is thin for someone with an equally boiling mind like Alexey. His growing interest in Blockchain technology and his discovery of NFTs have allowed him to find a new outlet for his creativity and to fully express his favorite themes such as the relationship of man and technology, surrealism and the concept of Gm on Twitter.


As a fervent contributor to the Good Morning (GM) movement on Twitter, Pixelord has democratized this community brand by incorporating it into a series of iconic works, GM! and GM PUNKS. This digital collection is the first in history to incorporate the Good Morning into a work of art. A huge success, the two collections represent a total volume of 405 ETH exchanged since 2021. The “GM” phenomenon is a way of creating camaraderie online, and showing support for the development of culture around NFTs and Web3 technology in general.

Pixelord has merged this concept with the PFP trend, which highlights a new profile picture on Twitter to create modern and collective digital works. Over time, the artist has continued to experiment, releasing collections on his favorite themes, such as music, using AI or other techniques.

“Yeah! Community’s started to use GM in around July, and in August I’ve dropped out the collection of GMs immediatly because I saw that people used it. I thought maybe they will use GM visually. I’ve shared to the community a graphic way to say GM”


Heroes Of Wifi and Magic

Pixelord’s artistic career reached a high point with the release of his new collection in 2023, inspired by retro video games on DOS, using the graphic codes and filters of RPGs. He incorporated the “GM” theme, heroic fantasy, and a strong societal theme: the impact of media and information technology on humanity. It was a daunting task to mix all these important themes into a single collection, but it was a great artistic and commercial success.

Each piece of art conveys a reflection and offers several possible interpretations. Some works depict a predator reading emails at his desk, while others feature a wizard saying “GM” while searching for ingredients for a potion on a search engine. This collection is extremely rich, highlighting the artist’s talent for re-appropriating elements of the Web 3.0 community and incorporating them into classic gaming, cinematic, or literary culture, which is an inheritance of the Web 2.0 era.

Small anecdote, Pixelord confided in me that he wrote texts describing the online daily life of his heroes, whose powers have repercussions on our digital and connected daily lives. For example, “The Code Mage” is a programmer who wields the power of code, capable of creating powerful spells and programs to defeat enemies. Or “The Fiber Fairy”, a protector of the internet infrastructure, capable of repairing and strengthening cables and fibers with her magic. And many others that I invite you to discover on this page dedicated to the Heroes of Wifi and Magic.

Pixelord is the epitome of a Web 2.0 + 3.0 = 5.0 artist!

As a child of the 80s, Pixelord experienced several cultural and technological revolutions. This is where his genius lies, as he has always been able to understand and master these new creative trends, whether it be through music or drawing. Versatile and passionate, he absorbs the issues of each decade and merges them with more personal themes related to his childhood. Thus, he did not grow up with the concept of GM, but he assimilated and elevated it with ease.

“As a child, I dreamed of being able to materialize my fantasies and create worlds. This has finally become possible with NFTs and artificial intelligence.”


In my opinion, his latest collection is the perfect blend and summary of the last four Western decades. Between technological, cultural, philosophical revolution and fight for freedom. And all that implies as vices and frictions in the world. Individuality, dull work, multiplication of mobile devices, enslavement of man by technology, and respect for genders.

We bet that Pixelord will cross the ages as brilliantly as he has done so far. Open to the transformations of the world, always eager for knowledge, and unwavering support for a youth that is emancipating itself.

Thank you our Lord of GM.

Bonus track 🐸

As further proof of his popularity, Pixelord’s latest masterpiece, an evolving work representing the “Pepe” meme, is a huge success. As the NFT evolves and takes on a new form, Pixelord uses blockchain technology to enhance the evolving nature of digital graphic art. Pixelord is truly an amazing and constantly evolving digital artist.

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